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Tips for ensuring pristine water hygiene


For domestic use, it is possible to keep the water for a longer time in the hot tub using a water filter and chlorine-free chemicals. A water filter removes debris and chemicals kill bacteria. If you want to keep the water fresh for a longer time, you have to do both.

The information below is based on our research and experience. Please jump to what's relevant for you, or scroll down and read through each part, which are all equally important.

  1. Type of water to use in a hot tub
  2. Use of water filter
  3. Adding water treatment products
  4. Changing the water

First things first

Cloudy water in a hot tub is caused by three factors: poor filtration, chemical imbalance and bacteria.

It is critical to check the pH levels daily to keep the water hygienic and prevent corrosion of the metal parts. Failure to do so can also result in damage to some parts of the hot tub or limescale buildup. Also, if the pH level goes out of the 7.0-7.6 range, the sanitiser chemicals will not work.

We recommend changing the water frequently to enjoy a chemical-free bathing experience in your wood-fired hot tub.

CAUTION: Do not add any chemicals to the water when the hot tub is occupied. They can cause eye or skin irritation.

Keep chemicals away from children!

Do not use chlorine chemicals in Gardenvity wood-fired hot tubs, as they carry health risks and may cause damage to the hot tub parts.

1. Type of water to use in a hot tub

When you want to keep the water in a hot tub for longer than 1-2 days, domestic mains water is best for Gardenvity hot tubs. You can afford to be more flexible with the water source if you’ll be replacing the water after 1-2 days. However, we strongly advise against using seawater in all cases.


Domestic mains water will guarantee the best results in terms of keeping your hot tub fresh and safe to bathe in, and also not damaging its components. It's easiest to maintain a proper microbial balance in such water using the least amount of chemicals.

Harvested rainwater, especially in bigger towns, will often contain dust, pollutants and microbial contaminants. Therefore, it needs to be filtered, cleaned and balanced, which isn't easy to do so without adding chlorine-based products.

If using well water in your hot tub, you will have to observe and prevent staining or damages to the hot tub components from the minerals present in the water.

Lake water contains some types of algae and bacteria that are difficult to get rid of without using strong chemicals.

Salty seawater is corrosive and requires special water treatments products and filtration systems.

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2. Use of water filter

INTEX cartridge filter pumps are used in Gardenvity hot tubs, which filter out impurities and small debris from the water. It is important to run the filter daily and observe the state of the cartridge to keep the water clean and fresh.

Please follow the detailed guidance on using the water filter as well as cautions and warnings provided in our hot tub User Guide.

If you want to keep the water for lengthier periods, you'll need to run the filter for 4-5 hours daily and administer water treatment products.


The water filter alone will not eliminate algae and bacteria that make the water greenish and the hot tub liner slippery. To avoid that be sure to maintain the correct water pH by following the chemical product manufacturer's instructions.

Whenever you want to take the filter cartridge for inspection or replacement, make sure you switch the filter off and insert the plugs into the inlet & outlet holes to prevent water from escaping the tub.

Keep a spare filter cartridge at hand. Replace every 2-3 weeks.

Use judgement to decide if the filter cartridge needs replacement. For example, if the dirt comes off after a good spray with a garden hose, you can reuse the cartridge. However, when you can't wash away the dirt, replace the cartridge.

Use type A filter cartridges that are widely available to buy online (e.g. on Amazon).

Do not operate the filter when the hot tub is occupied.

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3. Adding water treatment products

If you want to keep the water in the hot tub for more than 1-2 days, along with the filter, you will need to add certain chemicals. This will help to maintain proper water pH levels and kill bacteria.


Do not use chlorine chemicals with Gardenvity hot tubs as they carry health risks and may cause damage to the hot tub parts.

The buildup of bacteria causes cloudiness and bad odour, makes the inner surfaces slippery and creates health hazards.

Check the water pH level daily and administer the necessary chemicals to decrease or increase the pH. Chemicals for pH management are usually included in the starter kit with your sanitisers.

Maintain the water pH level in the range of 7.0 to 7.6. Lower pH levels may lead to corrosion of some hot tub parts. Higher levels will produce limescale.

Sanitising chemicals will fail to do their job if the pH level is out of that range, which means that bacteria and microorganisms continue growing in your hot tub.

Alternatives to chlorine to sanitise the water in hot tubs include bromine.


We have received positive feedback from our clients who used Aquablanc chlorine-free water treatment products with an active oxygen system.

It would be a good idea to get a starter kit first which includes all the essentials. Always follow the instructions in product manuals.

Do not add any chemicals to the water when the hot tub is occupied. They can cause eye or skin irritation.

Keep chemicals away from children!

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4. Changing water

If you want to enjoy a completely chemical-free bathing experience in your wood-fired hot tub, our recommendation is to drain the water frequently and refill. This is especially true when you buy our Classic hot tub without a water filter*.

*You will still be able to use the same water for longer periods in the Classic hot tub when administering water treatment products. However, the water will need to be changed more frequently compared to the model with a water filter.


Without a water filter and any chemicals, you should change the water in 1-2 days after 1-2 uses.

With the installed filtering system and chlorine-free, oxygen-based sanitisers, you can leave the water in for a longer time (2-4 weeks).

The above indications are not valid for those cases when different groups of people use the hot tub, e.g. in a holiday let or similar. In such cases, follow official guidelines for commercial holiday lets.

When draining the water, always take precautions to not flood your own or your neighbour's lawn. If available, it would be best to direct the water into your household drain. Some water treatment products (e.g. Aquablanc) are safe to use for watering garden plants.


All in all, you have more than one option for maintaining proper water hygiene in your hot tub. Whichever you choose, always check the pH level regularly and use your judgement when inspecting the water quality so you can bathe in crystalline water that is pleasant and safe.

Happy hot tubbing!

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